Frequently Asked Questions

I have been receiving some questions regarding the comic and I figure that they best be answered all conveniently on one page, for both the readers and my own sake. :D (I'm lazy and answering a question more times than I want to just doesn't work with "lazy". LOL) If you don't see your questions answered in this F.A.Q., you can type in the following box your question and visit the Heart Candy Formspring for the answer!

Regarding the Author

Q.) What is your orientation?
Well, aren't we extremely forward? I consider myself bisexual with a preference for men. However this comic is not meant to reflect anything about my opinions on sexual orientation whatsoever.

Q.) Are you a fan of BL/Yaoi?
I like reading light-hearted BL themes. This comic itself is not really even that much of a BL as it is a simple, romantic comedy. :)

Q.) How do you draw??
I can't answer this question for the same reason why I can't tell you how I know how to breathe. I just do. lol~ If you're wondering how to get better at drawing, USE REFERENCES. I will have you know that not using references will be your biggest downfall. No matter how hard and how much you practice, if you practice it wrong, you won't ever get any better. :D Unless you're lazy like me and don't feel like using references...

Q.) Are you going to publish Heart Candy someday? I am considering it. Personal copies only available only through pre-order though. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I need to complete a revamp of this comic and make it more than the silly sketch comic I pulled out of my ass.

Regarding the Comic

Q.) Is Toki gay?
I leave that up to the reader. Since Toki was raised by Rina, he has feminine tendencies and the like, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's gay. Plus, Toki is not really aware of sexual orientation. He just finds Mac's advances a little strange because he's never seen men in a relationship before. There will be more clarification as the comic progresses.

Q.) Is Mac gay?
Mac identifies as bisexual. Not really a spoiler, but you will find out that Mac has dated other people before and not all of them are men. Not to say he doesn't care about Toki. :P Again, there will be more clarification as the comic progresses.

Q.) Who is the "uke" and who is the "seme" (but it is pretty obvious)?
There is no man x man action in this comic, so I don't even know why this would be relevant. Use your best judgement?

Q.) Is there ever going to be "man x man action" in this comic?
No. This comic is classified as "boy love" rather than "yaoi", so it focuses more on the light-hearted themes of being in love. I don't think I will ever have a reason to put a mature filter on this comic. However, there will be lots of sexual innuendos and lots of "suggestive" scenes. Call me a sadist, but I love teasing the crap out of you guys~ <3 It's because I love you~

Q.) Why are updates coming so SLOOOOOOW??
Please realize that I don't take this comic very seriously. I was actually playing around with some characters that I had and thought it would be cute to make a romantic comedy about a bunny-boy and a dog-boy. I had no idea this comic would become so popular. o______o;; So I wasn't planning on many updates until my Fan number increased exponentially over time. So now it is this full-blown thing and I find it incredibly funny how a random, joke project came out to be something so popular.
UPDATE: I actually take this project really seriously now and plan on revamping it into a full on, glorious story. This has been a baby project of mine that I started out of boredom, but it's one of my only projects that I've stuck by over all these years and consistently worked on up until I stopped recently. So the updates come slowly because I am working really hard on maintaining quality. Please understand.

Q.) How often do you update this comic?
I update on a whim. No set timing as to when pages come up.

Q.) What do you use to draw this comic?
Copic Markers, Copic Multiliners, Sakura Micron Inking Pens, Shin Han watercolors, goat hair calligraphy brushes, Xerox paper or Bristol Board, white acrylic paint, technical pencils, Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet, Adobe Photoshop CS5, 2011 Macbook Pro 15"

Q.) What's up with the kemonomimi (animal-eared folk) in this comic? Are they a different species from humans or what?
I know in other mangas, there's actually some reason to kemonomimi, but here, in the manga, these people live in a world where there are people who have ears and people who don't. It's nothing weird to them at all.

Well, I most certainly hoped that helped a little bit to clear up all your questions. These are just some of the more common questions I receive. Again, if you have questions that are not answered here, feel free to either type into the Formspring box above, or PM me here on SmackJeeves. This is still an ever-expanding page.