For the reader's convenience, I have provided here a list of the characters in the story. I will be adding more as more characters are introduced. :D

|Name| Toki (pronounciation: TOH-kee)
|Nickname| Kiki (only by Rina)
|Age| 18
|Gender| Male
|Race| Bunny/Human
|Personality| cheery, bright, optimistic, worry-wart, easily-frightened, naive
|Description| Toki is eighteen years old, however appears and behaves much younger than his years since his caretaker, Rina, sheltered him so long. His naivete often gets him in trouble. Toki, however, is a very kind soul and allows Mac to live with him. Despite fearing Mac's advances because he doesn't understand sexuality, he's come to like Mac's presence in his life. Toki's not sure how he feels towards Mac.
|Name| Machiavelli (pronounciation: Mahk-ee-ah-VELL-ee)
|Nickname| Mac
|Age| 20
|Gender| Male
|Race| Dog/Human
|Personality| caring, considerate, cold, forceful, blunt
|Description| Mac is a mysterious dog boy that breaks into Toki's house all of a sudden, seemingly trying to run away from something. He has a rather high libido and is always trying to kiss Toki. Though he doesn't mean to hurt or scare Toki, he always manages frightening him because of his gruff and blunt attitude. He's not entirely sure of his feelings for Toki but he knows that he wants Toki very badly.
|Name| Rina (pronounciation: REE-nah)
|Nickname| Riri (only by Toki)
|Age| 32
|Gender| Female
|Race| Human
|Personality| calm, quiet, wise, punctual, extremely kind
|Description| Rina is Toki's caretaker. She apparently adopted him from an adoption agency and has been looking after him every since as a mother figure. She's often away because of her work, but she deeply cares about Toki, spends as much time as she can with him and does whatever she can to provide for him.