Official Heart Candy Artwork

I made an extra page where I will put some extra Heart Candy artwork and sketches for those people that are interested. You also need not worry about "rate material" because everything here is PG-12. :)



Did I tell everyone that I LOOOOOOVE fanart? You can draw Toki, you can draw Mac, you can draw Rina, you can draw all three together. It doesn't matter! And there will be more characters coming! You can be as creative as you want, however you cannot be so creative as to break the PG-12 limit. If your artwork is not suitable for younger audiences, then it will NOT be put up on this page.


IF you wish to submit artwork to the FanArt gallery, please send me PM here on SmackJeeves with a link to your image that you have hosted on Imageshack or Photobucket and I will put it up here~ :D

Please be patient as the artwork comes up. :D